It was raining this morning so the instructors let us sleep in.  We got up and got the sleeping areas torn down and packed away.  I took an Ibuprofen and Acyclovir.  My body, mainly my lower body, was pretty sore.  For breakfast we had sausages and granola.  Not too bad.  Last night I had to pee so it was my first bathroom experience outside on this trip.

We packed up the sleds and this trip Dre and Juan (who was vomiting) were on Sled 1 and Adam and I were on Sled 2.  We headed out around 11AM and had a blast!  We went through 3 portages and they were challenging yet so much fun.  Dog sledding is better than skiing hands down!!!  We only traveled about 4 miles today but it was all great!  At camp we set up, processed wood (sawed and chopped) and I helped feed the dogs,  Each dog got a pan with warm water and then dog food (dry) in it.

Dinner was super good!  We had ground beef, onions, rice, and beans.  Added some salsa.  Yum!!!  I also tried some of Dre’s chai mix for my hot drink.  So good.

I set up my sleeping area outside of the tarp since it wasn’t forecasted to rain and it was really nice.  We sat by the fire and shot the shit for a while before heading to bed,  It was much colder than it was the day before.

Before bed I gave each of the dogs a fat cube.  I also peed again!