We got to sleep in again which was nice.  Like usual, we packed up our gear and sleeping areas and got ready for breakfast.  We had skillet fried English Muffins which were really good.  I skipped the granola this morning.  I also had a cup of hot chocolate.  So yummy.  While we were having breakfast Ed and Dre called back to homeplace.  Bimble Bear’s eye was looking funky yesterday and didn’t improve today so he was going to get picked up.  Instead of traveling like we originally planned, we started “solo.”  We cut down some downed trees and brought them back to camp for processing.  After that we learned how to build fire.  You start with a base layer of downed birch since the inside is waterlogged and hard to burn.  Birch bark is very flammable so you use that to start burning kindling and then you add some medium sticks.  After that gets going you can add the logs and cook and boil water.

We went back to camp to receive our individual supplies (tarp, matches, twine, pot, food, saw), and packed our bags and went to our individual sites.

When I got to my site I picked a spot that had good wood as well as a flat, clear place to sleep.  I gathered all of my wood and then separated it into piles.  After that I set up my tarp and sleeping bag.  Today was also the first day I pooped!  I found a hole next to a large rock and used that as a toilet.  I used birch bark to burn my toilet paper.

Tonight I had to make my own fire to cook my food and boil my water (snow).  I was a little disappointed since one of my pots fell over and I had to boil a whole new pot.  Oh well.  Keeping a fire going is pretty hard and I managed to burn all of my food in the foil pack.  It was still somewhat good despite all of the charred, crunchy pieces.

I used up all of my wood in order to cook my food and boil my water.  I did make myself a cup of hot chocolate which was really yummy.  That reminds me of “I Love You Man” and “Chocolat.”  LOL

My mind has wandered from time to time but I say “thinking” out loud and that usually brings me back.  🙂  I don’t have a watch so the only way I can tell time is to take a photo and look at the time stamp LOL.  Once my fire burns out I’ll call it quits for the night.  I have no idea what I’m going to do tomorrow by myself.  I did take a walk around the island twice earlier to get some exercise in and to explore a little.  Killed some time too 🙂

It’s so quiet…

It’s around 8:30PM and my fire is out so I’m going to get ready for bed.  There are weird bassy noises out here.  I never realized it before because we are always in a large group.  Maybe it’s the water under the ice?  That makes me feel better thinking that.  LOL  You don’t realize how scary it is out here until you’re all alone.