Ask any of my friends, I like to trace a conversation back to its origin, or explain an off-the-wall thought and how my thoughts brought me there.

On the plane ride home I started thinking about how I need to go through my phone and purge contacts I no longer have a need to communicate with. As Terry Jaymes so eloquently puts it, it’s time to shake the tree. I do it often. 

Anyway, I wondered how it would feel, to be my ex husband, to look through my contacts and see so many unfamiliar names. How foreign we have become to each other. Then it got me thinking about how towards the end, he and his phone were inseparable. What was her name stored as? Would I have known if I saw it? Naturally, it made me think about the situation more and wonder what he was planning to do, how he was planning to end it,  and with whom? What was he thinking as he was texting her, while trying to keep it hidden from me? My nose started to sting and a few tears fell.

If you’ve ever cheated or thought about it, this is what the other side looks like almost three years later.