This morning was probably the coldest I’ve been.  It was so hard to get outta the sleeping bag.  Like usual we got up, packed up our sleeping bags, tore down the sleeping area, and headed into the wall tent for breakfast.  Once again we had some amazing food!  Dre made us breakfast so we had a frittata with spinach and hashbrowns.  Yummy.  After breakfast we tore down the wall tent and cleaned up the camp site.  I scooped dog poop for the first time this trip.  It was nice because it was frozen from the night before.

We packed up the sleds and Adam, Dre, and I were the only people who were not traveling by sled.  This time the sleds took 3 people.  I didn’t wear skis this time which was also nice.  Dre skied so I was able to wear her microspikes and then we hit the lake.  The spikes were great!   There wasn’t really any snow on the trail, mainly ice, so the spikes worked perfectly.  It was like regular walking.  Dre skied and Adam wore snow shoes.  Both of them had a pulk behind them.  Another bonus was we didn’t have to help the sleds through the portages since they had 3 people.  A little after the first portage we had to take Polaris because she started fighting with the other dogs while they were traveling.  Adam tied her around his waist and I ended up taking the pulk.  That was my first time pulling the pulk.  We got to a pretty crazy portage where the sleds needed to descend down a steep rock shelf so I took Polaris and volunteered to take photos while Adam and Dre helped.

After the sleds were down Adam took the pulk and I walked with Polaris.  She was pulling me the whole time which made me work a little harder.  Luckily I had those spikes on!  After roughly 5 miles of travel we made it to the final site.  This wasn’t like the places we stayed at before.  There were no actual campsites so we picked a flat spot on the lake/snow that was sheltered from the wind and set up camp.  I was part of the shelter crew so me and a few of the other guys set up the tarps.  Adam taught me how to make a clove hitch so we could use the ski poles to stand up the tarp.  We had ice screws to anchor the tarps down to but in the back area the snow was too deep so Adam taught us how to make a deadman anchor.  We dug a hole in the snow and wrapped the cord around  a piece of wood and then covered it back up.  The snow on the wood served as the anchor and then we were able to use our trucker’s hitches to secure the tarps.  Pretty cool stuff!  I did end up using the ice screws for the front of the tarps and they were pretty amazing also!  So many fun things.