Today’s been a long day.  I got up at 4AM and left for the airport at 4:30AM.  The flight into Minneapolis was nice and I just had enough time on my layover to get to my next gate.  I got into Duluth at 11:15Am and waited for the driver.

Sam (10/16/16 edit:  who looks like Charlie Hunnam) showed up a little before 1PM and we took the van to a local gas station for wait for the other 6 guys who were coming in by shuttle.  We got to Outward Bound around 6PM and got our gear packed and situated.  We’re waiting around now for everyone to finish up before we do some training and then we’ll sleep out on the porch.  I’m excited but wondering if I’m ready for this.

We had to do ice rescue training and they needed a volunteer to go into the water so I went ahead and volunteered.  They gave me some clothes to put on to jump into the water along with a rope, helmet, and life jacket.  We went down to the ice hole and I jumped in.  It wasn’t even waist high but I kneeled down to try and get as wet as possible.  It was pretty friggin cold.  The guys had all the stuff set up – a tarp and blanket, plus a dry set of clothes.  They took my shoes, pants, and top off and put me in dry clothes and then wrapped me in the blanket and tarp.  It was pretty neat.  After I got to go change and dry off in the 150F sauna.  It was nice.  Our instructors are Dre (Andrea) and Ed.  My classmates are Fil (Navy), Tony (Army), Adam (Army), Kevin (Army), Johnny (Navy), and Juan (Army).  It’s not bad being the only girl.  After the ice rescue training we put our headlamps on and went to the dog yard to visit with the dogs.  It was hard to see them all but there are over 70 dogs there.

I visited with  as many dogs as I could before we had to leave.  The musher’s cabin was pretty cool and had names of all the dogs that had been at Outward Bound.  They even adopt out the older dogs!  We turned our headlamps off at one point and just looked at the sky.  All of the stars were beautiful.  We headed back to homeplace (name of Outward Bound HQ) and got ready for our night on the porch.  Ed showed us his sleep setup.  We have 1 full pad and 1 half pad for under our torso area (extra insulation) and then we have 2 sleeping bags.  An outer synthetic bag and an inner down bag for warmth.  He showed us where to keep our gaiters and boots when we take them off for the night (in between the two pads about the hip area).  When he was done we hopped in our bags and went to sleep.