As I walked through the Target parking lot this evening the crisp Utah air and breathtaking Wasatch Range made me feel that all was right in the world.  In my recent quest for better and more I realized my life is perfect for me just the way it is.

I live in, what is in my opinion, the most perfect city in the US.
I drive a car that at one time, I only wished I owned.
I have a job that challenges me (sometimes too much) and I enjoy the company of my coworkers.
I have amazing friends and family that have been there for me through thick and thin.
I have 3 furry creatures (Cooper has fur too) that long for my affection, love me unconditionally, and depend on me.
I have a strong, healthy body and hobbies that keep me moving.
I have it all.

I hope you find beauty and gratitude in all around you this weekend, and always.